Hello Everyone, This is Gail of Gaia Host of FREE RANGE.  First and foremost, I want to personally thank all the people who have made donations. I hope you can continue to do so.  I am getting a website set up and deciding how to utilize it in a variety of ways.  I have decided that I will need to carry some products and/or become an affiliate of other companies in order to generate enough revenue to keep going. I will only work with the best products and companies.  Please know that this is a work in progress and the site is under construction.  Stay tuned!

FREE RANGE recently received a strike, and a two week timeout, from Youtube. Seeing as we, Gail of Gaia and the whole FREE RANGE staff, are tired of being spanked like naughty children for speaking the truth, we are moving the primary platform to The entire Youtube library has been copied to Odysee and videos will be uploaded there first. Please visit and subscribe to the FREE RANGE channel.

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Gail welcomes ‘The Conspiracy Guy’ himself, James Fetzer, to the program. James definitively presents the evidence he has uncovered regarding the Sandy Hook shooting. See for yourself if you still believe Sandy Hook ACTUALLY happened after you view this explosive program.

Gail and I do an impromptu live stream discussing topics such as food shortages, the possible fate of Justice Roberts and more. Featured during this program is a work of Tarot by Jeanine. Please visit and also look for her youtube page.

Radio host Ted Mahr fills in the blanks on the fight for freedom and offers an uplifting and positive outlook on the progress of humanity. Mr. Mahr answers questions, with the help of his guides, and is sure to warm the hearts of viewers around the globe.

FREE RANGE : Gail of Gaia presents yet another update from Drake Bailey with unique perspectives on events of the day. Mr. Bailey shares information on many topics and is always sure to please the discerning viewer.

Gail welcomes former LA State Senator John Milkovich to the program. John, the author of the book Robert Mueller: Errand Boy for the New World Order, has a solid knowledge of political corruption and holds nothing back during this exciting interview.

Gail of Gaia and Paul chat with Tommy Tejeda. Tommy is an artist, drummer, ET experiencer, self proclaimed human/alien hybrid and so much more. It was expected to be an awesome program and far exceeded expectations!
What an incredible show!

Gail of Gaia hosts Drake Bailey with Co-Host Paul. An uproariously fun episode with many different topics covered. You just Gotta see it, it’s kind of a moral imperative.

Gail and Paul cut loose and get in a little trouble with Youtube. Yes folks, this is the video that ruffled feathers and got FREE RANGE a 2-week strike.

Gail of Gaia hosts ET/AI expert, author, lecturer and film maker Cyrus A. Parsa. This was an amazing and enlightening show. Mr. Parsa is many viewers most favorite guest. We talked about his new film, showed the trailer and so much more.

Gail of Gaia Hosts Patti Greer from c60evo.
The ladies have a great time discussing an eclectic mix of topics. They also shared some amazing testimonials of c60evo.

Gail of Gaia & Paul with guests ‘Doc’ Peter Gosselin and Genetic Expert Sterling Hill.
What could anyone say about a single show with two such dynamic guests? This one will open your eyes, rock your world and give you information useful in the pursuit of optimum health. Enjoy this amazing show!

Gail of Gaia and Ted Mahr, Yay!
Current Events, Books, ETs and ET Assistance, Spirituality, Ascension of the planet (and us humans), Tools to survive the grand experiment, future/past and so much more. Bring popcorn, aspirin and an open mind prepared to be blown.

Great show with Gail of Gaia, Paul and Tom Paladino. Tom brings Susan to the program, freed of 40 years of HSV 1 & 2 AND Epstein Barr virus. Susan turned to Scalar, tested negative for the viruses and has been breakout free since 2017. Woop Woop, You Go Susan! Woop Woop!

The second YouTube live program with Drake Gail and Paul. So many things were talked about that one of them caused the vid to be removed for going against ‘the narrative’. After review they did hit ‘das jab’ pretty hard but the truth has to be spoken. Apparently, the truth WILL set you free from ScrewedTube.(No live shows for 7 days.)

Gail and I welcome Doc Peter Gosselin to the program. We talk about Chemo and Allo-pathetic medicine (did I say that out loud?). We discuss CBD oil, Hemp paste, Cannabis in general and a whole lot more. We might make some enemies with this one.

Gail welcomes Sharry Edwards, a pioneer in Bio-Acoustic Technology, to the program. Many topics were discussed including the bio analysis of people in the news. Obama, Fauci, Harris, Biden were some of the people analyzed and you may be surprised at what is revealed.

Drake and Gail, Gail and Drake, OMG the intel…. OMG the intel… Crazy good things are happening, you just don’t know it yet.

Gail welcomes Cirsten W. to this, the first LIVE episode of FREE RANGE. Things got off to a bumpy start but the ladies corrected quickly and hit the ground running with Intel galore!

Gail welcomes Dr. Charles Rouse to the program. Farmers spoke to congress about soil nutrient and mineral depletion…. and that was decades ago. Supplementation, and detoxification, is key to optimum health today.

Jennylyn interviews FREE RANGES’ own Gail of Gaia. Topics discussed included many things Health and Wellness. Very informative and fun too!

Gail of Gaia welcomes Sterling Hill and Tom Paladino to the program. Sterling and Tom bring a collaborative effort to the repair of genetic damage, perhaps even the damage done by recent emergency events.

What an amazing show! Gail and Ken talk about ET’s, CV stuff, scaler energy and a whole lot more. Hold on to your socks and please excuse the bleeps and sound effects because neither Gail or Ken were bashful about telling it like it is.

Saints preserve us……
Tom Paladino and Drake Bailey ‘ON THE SAME PROGRAM’! You just ain’t gonna believe all the stuff THEY talked about.

Gail features Eddie Stone of Touchstone Essentials. Gail works hard to bring you valuable information and the highest quality products available, and Touchstone Essentials products are no exception.

Gail’s friends Sterling Hill, Drake Bailey and Paul Biener chat about the importance of supporting FREE RANGE and why now is the best time to share the love.

Gail talks with Chris Burres and Patty Greer about C60evo products, how they’re made and some of the amazing things customers are saying about them.

Gail of Gaia and freedom fighter, psychic and radio host Ted Mahr. If you want the inside track on the etheric understanding of what is going on, tune in and enjoy!

Gail, Drake and Paul talk about, as Drake would say, “A combination of things” that is sure to have you on the edge of your seat.

Gail, Paul and Flat Earth Dave mess with the minds of Globulists and flat earth theory deniers everywhere.

Gail and Cheryl Whitestone talk about an eclectic mix of topics including Hopi prophesies

Dennis Knill with Gail of Gaia 05-02-2021

Dennis Knill is the coordinator of the Arizona State Assembly, an organization dedicated to returning citizens of the “Corporate State” to the original status of American Nationals.